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Arial shot of Philip Tivey and Son Nursery on Wanlip Road Syston LeicesterDahlia flower beds in full bloomA dahlia flower which is covered in ice because of frost protectionDahlia plants  blackened by frost in autumnThe  wire crop support netting being removed for winter  storageLifting the dahlia tubers with a spadeThe lifted dahlias are layed over in rowsDahlia stems being cut back to 2 to 3 inchesThe dahlia tubers being  arranged upright in a frost free environmentDamaged part of dahlia tuber being cut off prior to storageFungicide being applied to the dahlia tubers for protectionDahlia tubers begin to grow on greenhouse stagingNew shoots on dahlia tubersTaking cuttings of dahliasThe dahlia tuber after cutting is removedTrimming the dahlia cuttingTrimming a dahlia cutting prior to insertingA dahlia cutting being treated with rooting hormone powder prior to insertingA dahlia cutting being inserted in a propogating trayDahlia cuttings being watered in on greenhouse bench