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Syston Times 21-06-8525_Garden News 1982 Amber Banker with text.jpgThe Yorkshire post report, Chris with Alan Ravenscroft Harrogate Autumn 1987 articleThe Field Magazine Cover May 1987The Field Magazine May 1987 page 1The Field Magazine May 1987 page 2The Field Magazine article for the Chelsea flower show Philip Tivey with CyclamenThe Leicester Mercury report from Southport flower show 24-08-1988Shropshire Star, Shrewsbury flower show 17-08-1991Leicester Murcury on the nursery's achievement of winning a gold medal at Chelsea Wed 22-05-91The Daily Express, Chelsea flower show report 22-05-1991Article Nat Dahlia Soc. annual_1992Chris Gold medal RHS Autumn Times Article 90sThe Times 15-09-1992Sunday Express magazine 90sArticle Garden News_Pam_29-05-1994Garden News Malvern Autumn 1997_the williams memorial winnerPhilip receives Williams memorial medal_from Sir Simon Hornby_1997Home and country magazine 1998Mercury Friday 13th 2000 Tivey Nursery